Soya the Cow

Soya is a gender- and species-bending drag cow. Born to inspire and challenge the status quo and to fight for the freedom of everybody. She unites queerfeminist ideas with animal rights activism and poetry.
Since her debut at the Animal Rights March in front of the legendary Volksbühne Berlin, she appeared in discussion forums and protests. She gives workshops about consent, and performs on stages of theatres and nightclubs, as well as in public space.

At the moment Soya is working on her first music album.
With her songs she wants to make people listen to the most important message of all: Love, and love equally - regardless of species, race, sex, gender, sexualities, abilities, age and class.

Soya will make you cry, laugh and dance. She's gonna shake her ass and your worldview.


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The lovely team

Phil Constantin, Daniel Hellmann

Nagi Gianni

Make up:
Valérie Reding, Sandrine Thomas, Tom Wennerstrand

Maria Cardoso, Lenja Lehnard, Lisa Letnansky

Drag mothers & Family:
Quentin Barthassat, Meli Boss, Ben Okamoto, Anne Welenc, Shlomi Wagner