Hand in hand for animal rights
Hamburg (DE)

On 15 May 2021 something unprecedented will take place! More than 20 German and international animal rights organisations, groups and initiatives are mobilising for the longest planned human chain for animal rights ever. The chain will form around the Binnenalster and will then turn into a protest march that leads to the beautiful open-air stage in Hamburg's Stadtpark, where Soya the Cow will perform and sing in front of thousands of activists.

Animal Pride Day
Kreuzlingen (CH) / Konstanz (DE)

A protest from Kreuzlingen to Konstanz across the Swiss-German border and a celebration for all animals. Soya the Cow will march with her human and non-human allies and sing her songs on the stage of Augustinerplatz in the heart of Konstanz.

23.09.2021 ‒ 25.09.2021
Dear Human Animals
Schlachthaus Theater Bern (CH)

How do we bear something that is unbearable? How do we change something that we cannot change all by ourselves? And how do we become something that we are not?

Soya the Cow attempts the impossible. As a species-fluid, vegan drag cow she stands for love, freedom and climate justice for all living beings. With strong arguments and moving songs she challenges the self-image of humankind as the centre of the universe, to which all non-human beings are subordinated. Deeply rooted in the fundamental discomfort of a single individual, Soya transcends human limitations. She is pop star and healer, activist and clown, present and future.

Daniel Hellmann's new solo performance is carried by the power and ridiculousness of his cow- shaped desire to change the world. Dear Human Animals uses the theatre space for the experience and reflection of transformative action.