VEE - performance at the exhibition opening
Froh Ussicht, Samstagern (CH)

VEE is a group exhibition in the context of the art gallery/farm "Froh Ussicht". Soya the Cow will perform at the opening of the exhibition, together with other artists from visual and performing arts, and questioning the categories and relationships between humans and other animals. Soya's performance "My joy, my choice, my juices" will include some live music and culminate in her challenging the farmer family to transform the place into an animal sanctuary.

Animal Pride Day
Konstanz (DE)

A protest from Kreuzlingen to Konstanz across the Swiss-German border and a celebration for all animals. Soya the Cow will march with her human and non-human allies and sing her songs on the stage of Augustinerplatz in the heart of Konstanz.

24.11.2020 ‒ 29.11.2020
Dear Human Animals
Gessnerallee Zürich (CH)

Soya the Cow's first theater show "Dear Human Animals" is a solo piece that deals with the utopia of a new relationship between humans and other animals. With body rituals, storytelling, Soya's own songs and videos, Soya attempts the impossible: How can we endure something that is actually unbearable? How can we change something that we cannot change? And how can we become something that we are actually not? For example a cow. Or a drag queen. Or a pop star. Or an intact community for everyone.